This is DEFCON 2

Had the Neuro appointment on 25th. Sum of which is the Neuros (My Neuro sought second and third opinions before the appointment) believe I have MS - but my symptoms/MRI/VEP don’t tally up in the prescribed manner; So - would I mind terribly if they left the diagnosis as CIS until such time as I have a relapse because it will save me a shed load of paperwork and aggro with the DLVA.

I like my Neuro - sensible woman.

However - explaining the above to the Boss - who isn’t the sharpest - has taken until today when I seized upon “Look at it this way - In March I was at DEFCON 3, Now - I’m at DEFCON 2 and if, as and when, I have a relapse I shall be at DEFCON 1”.

He’s seen enough action films to understand that (I think).

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hi theresa

your title had me intrigued!

love the sound of your neuro. who needs bother with dvla?

now, your boss is a nerd so you knew how to tell him in words he could understand!

thanks for an entertaining post

carole x

heehee, you obviously know your boss well!!