Thinking out loud

I’ve recently took the plunge into Facebook. As well as looking up cousins, I’ve got in touch with a guy I went to college with. He was/is so talented, did graphic design and stuff, he’s even selling items he’s invented on amazon… this isn’t a plug for it though. I forgot how much he makes my soul smile. He always had projects on the go…so, what sorta thing would make your life easier ?? A grippy thing to open cans? A catapult to mount on your wheels to take out people parking in blue badge spacers…?. A dude came on here a while back with a similar question, but I thought I might give my mate a challenge. Like I said, just thinking out loud…probably won’t even brooch it with him !!! Hope you’re all as well as. Ice cream and hugs.

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I had a twinge of fear when I read your title ‘thinking out loud’. I was wondering what it would be like to live inside your head!!!

But, (breathes a sigh of relief) nothing to be scared of…

Will have a think.



Lol !!! Tis true. I do listen to the little voice that shouts Nooooooooooo !!! Just sometimes I choose to annoy it by ignoring its warning. :smiley:

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I knew there were voices!!!

The problem with thinking about inventions to help is that my brain comes up with utterly impossible things. I’d like some gloves that improves the sensory deficits in my hands. That either exists already or is impossible I think. But would help with lots of things, from writing to eating. A grippy thing not just to open cans, but to hold things still whilst opening, jars, bottles, cans, etc etc. But the problem with that is I’d need one in the kitchen, one in the bathroom, one in the bedroom (tablets) etc. And the damn thing would never be where you want it and so would end up taking up cupboard/drawer space.


Oooh, like little stick on tyres…, hang on, those rubber patches you get in bicycle repair kits. Stick one of those on each finger, a longer strip for your palm…??? A mate showed me a tool (easy!) a while back that pops the seals on jar making it easier to open. That helps a little. I’ve had numb hands for years now. Prefer typing than painting now.