Think Poll Needs a Virtual Hug

I think Poll needs a big hug from all her maties on here.

((((hugs Poll))))

Shazzie xx

raises left arm-come in poll… ellie

Big hugs My symbols weren’t allowed :frowning: x

hugs Take care Poll

Sonia xx

more hugs Poll - I also have virtual chocolate chip cookies and the great thing about them is - negative calories!!!

JBK xxxxxx

Hi Poll,

hugs coming your way…but I might steal one of the no calorie cookies that JBK is sending :wink:


ooops my post seems to have vanished.

hugs from me too Polly and a slice of virtual cake any flavour just for you and magically calorie free.


Freckles xxx

Big hugs Poll How about a fat rascal for elevenses today? again it’s virtual so no calories and no guilt Tracey xx

Big group hug for you Poll,from all your friends on here


J x

Poll, you keep us smiling big hug, hope you feel better soon your much appreciated xxxx

Poll sending virtual hugs your way. Hopefully things will even out and get better soon. Keep your humour because that will help you through. Let us know how things are going. Linda x

I sending you a hug from each of my three cats as well as me!

A cat hug always makes things better for me, so I thought you might enjoy that feeling too.

Poll, this is my second big bear hug flying over to you from Wales. ((((((Huuuuuuggggggg)))))Almondx

Hi Poll Sending you mahoosive {{{{{{{ hugs}}}}}}} All the virtual no calorie cakes and cookies sound like the start of a virtual tea party!!! I’m sending virtual chocolates your way to go with them. Kate xxxx

Sorry that you’re having a rough time Poll. Chin up - we all value you on here for your humour and sensible advice. Thinking of you and hoping things improve soon. (((((((((MASSIVE HUG)))))))) Ann xx

Big hugs Poll

Big hugs from Julie xxx

Big hugs to you poll, and a chuffin’ heck for good measure! ((Hugs)) xx