Think I am getting somewhere.

I was dismissed in July by the neurologist as basically a “functional” case together with some other unconnected medical issues after three clear MRIs. I am seeing the eye clinic at the same hospital seperately and they then arranged a more focussed MRI on the optical area of brain (to get to the bottom of a lot of visual symptoms: circle phosphenes, double vision, ghosting, fading, photophobia). Today they told me of a small lesion in that area and that they are referring me to a specialist at Moorfields hospital.

Well that is good news (?). It feels kind of wrong to say ‘good news’ though!

I wonder if you would be able to go back to the neurologist with this news?

Good luck anyway

Paula xx

Yes, a strange kind of good news, but I was so angry at it all being dismissed as ‘in the mind’ and particularly in view of the embarassment of having to account for myself to my employer.

So glad you’ve made some headway. Whether your old neuro wants to see your or not you’ve got a right to ask for a second opinion with these findings.

Good luck



Anybody know of Dr Gordon Plant Neuro Opthamologist?

Yep I’ve heard of him. He works at moorfields as well as the national neurology hospital. He’s a neuro-ophalmologist.

I’ve no experience having seen him - I work in London so have a little knowledge on who’s who and where. He’s done lots of research and I presume he’s quiet experienced if he works at the national as you’d see all sorts of rare and wonderful eye disorders , and I know he’s published lots of papers, but thats as much as I can probably comment.

Don’t know if that’s helpful at all.



A quick google shows that he’s an editor of the journal Neuro-ophthalmology and that’s usually a very good sign about someone’s knowledge, so I’d say you’re in good hands.

OMG! I just found his CV on-line. He’s published more than 200 articles!!!

This is one seriously well qualified individual!

Really pleased that you’re getting somewhere - and that it looks like you’ve landed not just a big fish, but a GIGANTIC fish! :slight_smile:

Karen x

Thanks everybody