Thigh weakness

A week ago my left knee started buckling…now it’s worse with mild thigh discomfort. But I can’t put any weight on my left leg so walking is very difficult. I use a Walker (for 25 yrs now)since being diagnosed. Could this be a MS flare up? I haven’t had a true flare up in years…can anyone help? I don’t think it’s my knee because of absence of pain…I think it’s the thigh muscle.

Hi Gloria, MS is a funny old thing and can throw up so many different symptoms as I’m sure you know. Best to see the GP to see if they can help - I hope so. I had similar problems when I could walk, but have been in a wheelchair for many years now. I hope you can keep walking with a walker for as long as possible. My wheelchair gave me freedom to get out and about again (although not at the moment because of Covid). :kissing_heart: Maz

Thank you for responding. Now, I’m thinking I may have an inflamed nerve in my thigh because I get a strange sensation fro thigh to groin if I move a certain way. I do have an appt with gp next t week but I’m thinking I should talk to my neurologist first. Did you ever hear of this? I suppose a nerve anywhere in the body can be inflamed. I haven’t had a true flare up in years but I had covid in March & I’m thinking that may have stirred things up!

Hi Gloria, Yes it could be a flare up because of Covid. I’m pleased you got through it, its been so dreadful for so many people. I hope it’s not a relapse. Maz x