They want our money and I would gladly give it to them

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now i’ll be forever intrigued as to who you’re talking about!

it was a link to a page detailing the very hopeful results derived from research into the action / mutation of a specific gene.

i thought it would be interesting to share, not only due to the optimism such research and development should reasonably provoke, but also, because this report was based upon the findings of several pharmaceutical companies (hence the title of the thread).

i know we can look with cynical mistrust at these massive corporations who essentially make fat dollar from the disease and suffering of others; but ultimately if their prosperity is a consequence of their assisting us to retrieve / maintain the lives we wish to lead, then yes, i would gladly give them my money.

I do not know why the content was removed in my original post. i have not been notified of my having crossed any line of zee verbotten! perhaps it is because the page was linked via an investment / financial web resource?

either way, it strikes me that an admin in here has been labouring under a sense of hypersensitivity. but no matter.

the info is out there in the public domain. just google the expression: ‘Could This Study Help Lead to a Cure for Select Multiple Sclerosis Patients?’

Hi Paolo,

Very interesting article, here’s hoping!!


and there wasn’t a joke in sight!

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i believe yours counts hee-hee.

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wish i’d have read the post. will have a look, and thanks for sharing. i wonder why that was contrevertial?

I think your guess is right - because it was from an investors’ resource, and in view of the title of your post - it could have been construed as encouragement to invest, rather than an impartial research paper. Stock market investing is risky (I’m not against it - I do it!), but probably inappropriate for this forum to appear to endorse a particular investment.



For me, the notion of taking pills is abhorrent. it really is.

For most of my life, i would tough out things like head aches and tooth ache instead of taking even a single aspirin or ibuprofen.

Today, not only do i neck a cocktail of vitamins, aspirin and blood pressure pills, but i also give myself a sense of being a human guinea pig with my twice daily tecfidera.

​Do not get me wrong, i am not anxious about this situation. I have accepted it and goddamn it, i am even grateful that these things are available to me when they most certainly were not for my poor old Ma.

But i am not blindly committed and a regularly do a google news search simply using the term ‘tecfidera’. If another person pops off and a Biogen Idec product is implicated, i want to know about it!

So far so good however; most news regarding my DMD of choice regards what a bloody good investment it’s manufacturer’s stock is right now.

I do not trade in shares etc… but i do understand, that a prudent sentiment is that if you receive news via mainstream channels to “buy / sell now”, it is already too late.

With this in mind, if tecfidera turns out to be a bad thing, Biogen Idec will take a hit to its share price and thus, perversely to reassure myself of my pill popping, i watch what the money men are saying. and some times you hear of new innovations too.