these r MS symptom?

M suffering from tingling numbness burning for two months.Two time MRI has been don’t but there is was normal.but day by by my legs r getting more right portion of body is more numb n stiff than left one.I m having bkader problem too since last week.Now I feel trouble in swallowing.m depressed.r these MS symptom??? Too much symptom but MRI is normal so doctor told me not to worry n gave me vitamins tabs.M seronegative rheumatoid arthritis patient too.My ESR level is 46 n rf factor is 20 which must b below than 15.M confused.wat should I do?is it RA or MS symptom?It happens in seronegative patients with level 20 (that z not much high) plz help


Your symptoms can be found with MS, but they are not unique to MS (at least 100 other conditions can have symptoms the same or similar).

Two normal MRIs in a row does not make MS impossible, but it does make it a lot less likely. In general, the longer symptoms go on, and the more clear MRIs you have, the less likely it will ever ever turn out to be MS.

MRI is not 100% proof, but it’s probably the best diagnostic tool we have. If it keeps finding nothing wrong, it means your problem is probably not MS.

I’m sorry I can only say “probably” - not for definite. But every clear scan points the finger away from MS, and more towards something else (but without saying what the something else is).


Thank u Anita! My symptoms r getting worser like my hands r feeling wee.k.I can’t lift much weight.Muscle reflexion r increasing.these start with toe,ankle or arm.Now this bladed prob is very irritating ,I have to go washroom after every 60 min.Even after the urin I feel burning urin test pus cellwere 1-2. Still I going urologist tomorrow. My MRI reports r normal with lots of symptom (tingling -burning-numbness in limbs n decreased sensation in whole body.even I can’t feel warmness on my face.).despite of various symptoms of MS ,can MRI be normal??? Bladed prob happen lately or might happen initially? I see my self on wheelchair in near future.there is no cure for MS.Meditation or yoga word for it?