the voice

Morning, did anyone watch The Voice final last night?

What do you think about Robbie Williams and Dizzie Rascal using mobility scooters on stage, as part of their act? They sure jazzed `em up!

I see Andrea won…yes, her voice was sweet, but do you think she may have got the sympathy vote, due to being blind? I dont mean to be nasty here, but I liked Matt and Leah best.


I agree Poll, re Andrea and The Voice final last night, she does have a good voice, however not the best voice, therefore not the winning voice, that should have been Leah I reckon. Jools X

Hi Poll

I must admit I didn’t see the Robbie and Dizzie bit but I wasn’t too keen on Andrea.

I’ve got to say that I didn’t enjoy Andrea’s singing but I suppose it is good for other partially sighted people.

Shazzie xx

Morning all. I disagree. I’ve not followed The Voice at all but happened to tune in last night. I had no idea Andrea was partially sighted, until she was helped off the stage, but listening to the voices, I thought she was the stand out act. Beautiful voice, every note was on the button. I thought all the others had slight “wobbles” in their songs. No sympathy vote from me - I genuinely thought she was the best. That’s my two penneth worth! Have a pleasant Sunday. Al

I was really happy with the outcome, I didn’t like Leah a lot but that’s down to personal taste I suppose… the song she did with was for me, by far her best song throughout.

I really liked Andrea as whilst she didn’t have the ‘strongest’ voice (as in she didn’t belt the songs out) she sounded beautiful and I think she would definitiely sell records.

Despite the fact I’m usually a rock chick (my user name is of course referring to Nine Inch Nails), I really liked Mike and was pleased to see him in the top 3.

So I was happy with the result and agree with Al, no sympathy needed.

As for the mobility scooters, if one day I need one, I want the souped-up MOD one Robbie had :wink:

Sonia x

I thought that Matt was by far the best performer and was amazed that he got voted off first. I also thought Leah’s song with was her most intereting and I really disliked her rendition of I will alwayw love you. Let’s see who we actually remember by the time The Voice returns next year…

I thought Matt should have won and marvelled at how the BBC handled the runners up after they’d announced the winners, very shambling! What did surprise me however was that Robbie Willuams managed to sing at a live final being filmed at ‘The Arena’ which was god knows where while he was in concert at The Etihad Stadium in Manchester at the very same time! Baffling to say the least.

Thanks to everyone for your replies.

Yeh, my niece went to see Robbie at Manchester while he was on The Voice…weird, innit!


robbie has one off those transporter things they use on star trek “beam me up scottie”

Aye, `appen as like, eh?