The Very Special Yorkshire Lasses

l watched QuestionTime from Leeds Town Hall - and was amazed at the wonderful Yorkshire women who put such straight forward questions to the political leaders. What strong forthright girls they are. One - Catherine Shuttleworth - a self made millionaire

who started her business up from nothing- three months after having her third child - the others under the age of two.

She tore Ed Milliband to shreds - really caught him off his guard. No wonder he tripped leaving the stage.

We need a lot more of these super mums.

Mrs Shuttleworth said ‘she had no regrets at her outburst and as a previously undecided voter now wanted a Conservative Government.’ She said 'l just wanted a straight answer to a straight question from a straight talking Yorkshirewoman and he could’nt manage it. The British Public have not forgotten the mess Labour left us in and l think in the debate he was held to account. They left the note. Thats not the sign of a serious government, is it.

The infamous note being the one left by the then labour treasury minister Liam Byrne saying ‘l am afraid there is no money left’.

Mrs Shuttleworth told Mr Milliband ‘The last 5 yrs have been really tough but the economy is now improving. What worries me is you are about to put Ed[talking]Balls in as Chancellor and he called that note a joke. Why on earth should l trust a Chancellor who thinks that was a joke? lf he worked in the corporate world he would have been fired.’

She gets my vote.

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It’s clearly a good idea to see members of the public challenging our leaders, regardless of their voting intentions, but it appears that this woman was anything but undecided.

This was in the Guardian yesterday.

At Labour HQ they’re furious that one of the audience members who brutally criticised Ed Miliband on Question Time last night applied to be a member of the audience as an undecided voter - despite the fact that she has publicly backed the Tories.

"Catherine Shuttleworth, who runs a business, said that Ed Balls should be sacked for saying that the note about there being no money left was a joke. She told the Daily Telegraph afterwards that she had applied to be a member of the audience on the basis that she was undecided about how she would vote.

But she was seen giving a thumbs up to George Osborne in the press spin room, and, as LabourList reports, she set up a business with someone who is now a Tory MP and signed the pro-Tory letter from small business owners".

There were some very good questions posed by the audience and thought it made a refreshing change from the usual bland format.


Yup; totally agree Question Night had an audience participation that was outstanding but people who think the sun shines out of Cameron’s orifice should be very careful what they wish for.

Yes it was stupid; senseless and sarcastic to leave a note saying “There’s no money” but at least Liam Byrne did not try and disguise who sent it. Not like the letter sent by 5000 small businesses saying Labour will be a disaster for the economy. Now it has been proved by; wait for it; The Daily Telegraph has found this was written by the Conservative Head Office.

Then there’s the wonderful Grant Shapps with his did he or didn’t he twitter.

I find it fingers down the throat time when Cameron talks about the wonderful treatment his son received from the NHS and he wants that for everyone. I think the PMs Child would get preferential treatment; no way to disguise the fact and that’s the way the system works.

Of course Labour will have to rely on SNP votes but I would vote for Nicola Sturgeon; not as far left as Arthur Scargill but a bit further than Milliband; we must stop austerity.



i agree that question time is brilliant.

the audience participation was amazing.

however i find it sickening that the tories used their own lies as spin.

george osborne KNEW that the lady who really went for ed miilliband was a conservative voter.

basically i personally don’t expect better from them.

than this CORRUPTION!

please people let’s get rid of this government.


Yorkshire folk are good.

But Yorkshire WOMEN are great!

How do I know? `cos I am one.

What a combination eh? Boudica and a Yorkshire lass.



Of course the Labour Party would never do anything like that. Heaven forbid.

Poll - l see your lovely Avatar is still there - have you had more tattoos done - looking HOT!

Yeh, Frances, Boudica is back!

Dunno what’s going on!


so that’s where she goes when she seems to vanish.

she’s gone to the tatto parlour for some more ink!