The value of the current drug licencing system?

Interesting news article for those who think the current licencing system is the way forward for medical treatment.–at-up-to-20-times-the-price-8209885.html

So shortly and finally what started off as Campath will be an available licenced treatment for MS.

Our PCT did fund this for a few people (off label) then withdrew funding new patients due to lack of evidence. Who would like to speculate once licenced and available this will then be severely restricted because it is too expensive?

What will LDN cost if it does ever get a licence?

First off, David, the URL you gave would not load for me - and I really did want to read the text.

Next, is there a UK equivalent to the Campath Distribution Program in the US, which can provide the drug for free, provided the healthcare provider complies with certain conditions? It does seem as if Genzyme/Sanofi are acting more responsibly than one might expect.

As for LDN … Naltrexone is a generic, so if it gets a licence for the treatment of any variant of MS, any pharmacist should be able to supply it at cost+markup, on prescription, with the PCT or their replacement scrutinising the markup.
BTW what ever happened to the Select Committe that the folk from LDNnow made such a fuss over last month?


just read this post and wondered if either of you two can help me with something? I am un dx but have been on targinact for last 2.5 years and since then the relapses haven’t been as bad or as frequent as Pre targinact (oxycodone and naloxone). I was doing some reading opn LDN and wondered if low dose naltrexone has the same or similar effects as the 2.5mg naloxone I take everyu 12 hours? I am not very clued up but wondered if you might know Jojo

Sorry, I do not know.

What I do know however is that Naltrexone can be very individually dose sensitive and if you take too much of it will make MS worse so if you do decide to try LDN and it works in a similar manner to what you are on you will have to be very careful with the dose setting regime.

The normal way to set the dose now is to build up slowly from a very low dose and you would have to be on your guard for a very small dose of Naltrexone doing you harm not good if it works in a similar way to your current regime.

If you are thinking of doing it you would probably be well advise to seek advice from a doctor experienced in using LDN to treat MS. They should also be able to advise how likely it is that your current treatments will interact.

As you say, Jojo, Targinact is a combination. The Oxycodone is a very strong opioid painkiller, and the Naloxone is to prevent some of the rather nasty side effects of Oxycodone.

Naloxone was developed as a treatment against drug overdoses (think Morphine, here) while Naltrexone was developed to help people stay off Morphine after kicking a habit.

The BNF does not list any adverse interactions got either Naloxone or Naltrexone, but the list for opioid painkillers is a very long one indeed.

You have not said what you are taking Oxycodone for (specifically) but do take David’s advice.


Am on targinact for pain relief. I was unable to walk for some time due to painfully legs and hips but since being on targinact I can now walk and work. It’s the very best painkiller I’ve tried. I have recently halved the dose I was on as I wanted to see if I could manage on a lesser dose. So far so good apart from I’m struggling with spasms quite a bit but docs keep giving me diazepam for those, not sure that’s the best treatment for spasms? Off to a private neuro next Thursday, last time saw a neuro was years ago so I’ll see what he says about meds etc. tried pregabalin, gabapentin, amitryptaline and didn’t get on with them at all. Hence where the targinact came from as used to have brutrans patches but developed an allergy to them afte a while so targinact was last resort for pain relief. As I said tho it has been excellent but docs ar reluctant to prescribe it as they keep saying its expensive.

You need to page down a fair way before finding the Independent article, but it is there.

I found this blog while wandering off piste and it introduces a political element to the saga. No idea if it’s true, but thought it was worth posting, as it referenced the Independent piece.

Why am I not shocked the good old tory party has got a mention?