The storm returns from the past ............

Hiya folks,

Well, I moved back to the Wirral last year from South Yorkshire and I was impressed by what they had done to an old run down resort called New Brighton. Millions have finally been spent on it after decades of decline… A cinema, supermarket, shops, casino, new theatre, hotel, amongst other things, have all been built.

Sadly a mighty storm, that I remember was I was a kid in 1981, returned last night and has battered it under several foot of water. Lessons not learnt, I’m afraid.

I hope everyone is ok in your neck of the woods?

Marty - I can’t even swim!

its ok here, chuffing cold but ok.

those winds though scared me half to death yesterday and blew the receipts for items returning to M & S out of my hand.

marty - i could swim as a child but since ms has made me weak on one side i just go round in circles!!!

ps i’m in bolton

carole x

Hi Carole

Never been to Bolton but I’m glad everything is ok there.

Aye you wouldn’t get very far going around in circles. Still it would give you some insight into the life of a goldfish, I suppose…hmmm…