The stages after a relapse, Blackadder nuts

Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing as well as …

I have been going through a flare up of symptoms; otherwise know as a relapse, this is happening more often, every couple of months.

I have realised that there seems to be a set pattern of symptoms, physical problems, followed by extreme short term memory loss, elation, heightened agitation, anger, fatigue and finally deep depression.

It rather reminds me of the episode of Blackadder where the Scarlet Pimpernel is given poison and displays extreme symptoms the last 2 being deep depression and dropping down dead.

Apart from the last one (I’m still here aren’t I) there seems to be a weird similarity. Of course madness could be a symptom too!

Speaking about the depression thing, my husband says that at least i should know what to expect, I suppose that’s true, just hope I remember.

Sorry I know I sound bonkers at times but I see humour in the weirdness things these days.

Have a good evening

Oh Corkie Im so sorry your experiencing lots of relapses and the weird and wonderful (not) symptoms of ms. We do think we are going mad, get depressed often along with heightened sense of doom.

I hate the fog which decends, but like you have to laugh cos I would cry otherwise. I talk to my leg when it decides not to function properly and shuffle my legs when they go like lead. If there was a prize for talking to oneself then Im sure it would go to me. My son thinks Im mad anyway.

Hope you go back to a level phase with ms behaving. Its not good never knowing from one minute to the next is it. Yes rather like blackadder and its sketches. Dont wonder some turn to drink eh.

Best wishes



Thank you bren, it’s nice to know others understand how we feel, I’m not sure if I do at times!

Wendy x

Hi Wendy been through the same,i was relapsing every 6 to 8 weeks for a year,with same as you describe,i have just started to get out of bed after all this time…my new baby grandaughter born 8 weeks ago,has given me the strength to fight on…i think she has come at just the right time,for me, i really was loosing th will to fight on…

jaki xx

You haven’t seen Rowan Atkinson hanging about have you? Time Team digging locally?


Wb x

Hi Jaki, I am seeing the Neuro in 6 months time as he feels that my inability to walk far and very slow may mean I know longer qualify for Betaferon. I noticed that you are S/P and wonder if these flare ups every few months are what I am to expect now?

Congratulations on the new grandaughter, I’m sure this news has given you strength.

take care

Wendy x

Hi Wb

Yes I do miss Black adder, it’s odd how we can churn up a comedy sketch from the past, at such odd ocassions! At least I still have a sense of the absurd.

Wendy x