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good day folks, maybe not so much of a question but a, would you like it to happen here, it concerns would a British government ever consider a bill, or law, that would allow shop keepers etc, the right to shoot (presumably dead), a customer who could be a suspected robber before he actually does anything but enter your premises, unfortunately under a “good” old gentleman president, Colorado senate is debating such a bill, shoot first ask questions after, this is a president asked to come here, a country with whom we wish to trade with, and which we follow most of their habits, Brian

i sincerely hope that the british would not want to follow america.

however i have become disillusioned with my fellow brits after the brexit fiasco.

time to muster my faith in them because the alternative is just too depressing.

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Could this bill include a cr*p MS nurse ?

If so where do I sign

It could never happen.

British citizens are not allowed to own handguns - thanks to that devious little sh*t Tony Blair doing a cover-up for the police in Scotland after the “Dunblane massacre”.
There were (and I bet still are) some laws about the discharge of firearms within a certain distance of a public thoroughfare. Even keeping a shotgun under the shop counter would contravene the regulations about safe storage (and would probably take out the shop front and the window displays as well).

@jactak - a hammer between the eyes might get the nurse’s attention for a few minutes.


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Fail to see the relevance to an MS forum? I’m just glad I don’t live in the US of A.

Hiya, no relevance to MS whatsoever, but if folk are happy to have MS and read every single post regards, blue badge (for the millionth time), I have a sore leg is this MS (or similar, for the umpteenth time), or anything regards MS, long may it continue for them, but, big but, this section is called Everyday Living which, for some is only MS matters, but for others, they may wish, to discuss, anything, everything, that happens daily to them, to the world, to join a truly open Everyday Living, Brian


On the general blurb about the various forum boards, it says:

“Everyday Living

Use this board to chat generally and about MS and all the challenges it can bring. But please remember to respect the rules.”

Chatting generally is what Brian is doing. It fits in exactly with the suggestions made by the Forum Administrators. Everything that affects us and our lives is open for discussion. And if it’s a subject that interests or worries a forum member, then anyone uninterested can just not bother reading it.

In my opinion.


Thank you Sue