The problem is travelling up the leg!

Hi folks

5 years ago I started to regularily go over on my ankle and cause bad sprain and swelling.

4 years ago I started to have problems dorsoflexing my foot.

3 years ago I started to have problems flexing my knee.

2 years ago I started have problems lifting my knee to go up stairs.

I had MRI in 2011 showing one lesion on cervical spinal cord. It was there again in 2012 and gone in 2013. I have had 2 clears LPs too.

One theory is that I had CIS years ago which had gradually got better - but is that possible if symtoms have got worse. is it possible that damage was done which takes years before final effect is seen,

I have tried AFO and FES but they only help the ankle - there are too many problems.

Thanks Moyna xxx

Hi Moyna, wish I could answer your question but I’ve really no idea.

Have you had any lesions showing on brain MRI?

Have you tried googling something like ‘CIS and progressive disability’. You might get something.

The other thing you could try is contacting the neuro and asking. They don’t usually advertise their email addresses on the hospital website… but it’s quite easy to work out by looking at other email addresses on the website. You could just send an email and ask if this is to be expected after CIS or if anything else might be going on.

Good luck with it hon… from what I do know of CIS, I think that usually there are no further symptoms after the initial episode… but I’m not too sure.

Pat x