The problem is travelling up the leg!

Hi folks

5 years ago I started to regularily go over on my ankle and cause bad sprain and swelling.

4 years ago I started to have problems dorsoflexing my foot.

3 years ago I started to have problems flexing my knee.

2 years ago I started have problems lifting my knee to go up stairs.

I had MRI in 2011 showing one lesion on cervical spinal cord. It was there again in 2012 and gone in 2013. I have had 2 clears LPs too.

One theory is that I had CIS years ago which had gradually got better - but is that possible if symtoms have got worse.

I have tried AFO and FES but they only help the ankle - there are too many problems.

Thanks Moyna xxx

eee Moyna, I cant answer your questions, but I just wanna let you know I have read your post and am sending hugs to you.

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll. I am getting very fed up.

Moyna xxx