The pain in my arm is making me want to cry :-(

(wince) I have an awful dull / dead / deep / numb pain in my arm between my elbow and wrist and it is making me wanna cry…its horrible. just wanted to moan is all

Moan away Amanda. I had a hellish few weeks with my arms and legs hurting and feeling heavy and pain down my back and leg. Sometimes its good to let it out.X



I’m with you Amanda. Have had horrific pain on and off today. Let’s all have a damn good moan!




Thanks guys…it does feel better to get things off your chest…I’m going to ring the GP tomorrow to talk about about my latest MRI results so might mention it to them xx

I have that same feeling in my arm :frowning: i cant drive for more than 5 mins without it coming on. Its such a horrible feeling :frowning:

Sam x

Sorry to hear that Amanda

I have a horrible feeling in my arms and legs too. My legs feel like they have had cramp and my arms (particularly right arm) feels like a hot knitting needle gets pushed through the bone from my elbow to my wrist. It comes on if I keep my arm in the same position (plus the twitches).

Oh dear we are all definitely falling apart :frowning:

Hope you all feel better soon

Paula xx

thanks guys…it is particularly bad towards the afternoon which I thinking could be like repepitive strain injury but to be honest I don’t actually do that much typing at work…been like like this out of the blue for the last few days…and samj yes it does also happen whilst driving too. Hmmm just don’t want to to appear a hypocondriach (sp?) when explaining these aches and pains to the gp…