The night time ramblings of a disturbed mind

I got to thinking tonight, you see when you are wide awake from there twenty there ain’t a lot else today

Here’s my blog thoughts

Have an honorary Tuesday


Blooming predictive text Today should read to do

Proof reader required!!!

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Wonderful memories Don!

Take care,

Nina x

Lovely Blog, Don

Those are the happiest memories…and no one can take them away from you.

Michelle x

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Great blog Don and wonderful memory.

Thanks for that. Cheered my day up.

Pat xx

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Nice one Don,

It all sounds so familiar having read on through some of your earlier blogs. I like the comparison with a wheel chair and a motor scooter and I agree once you get into a routine of parking, charging, storing and positioning for use it then becomes a lot more useful than the wheel chair.

The other thing that struck me were your notes on exhaustion. As you pointed out, It really is different to just being tired. From my experience its as though the drain plug has been pulled out of your life. You are so lacking in energy that its even painful to think and even sleep.

I must admit I like to call a Monday a Monday and not let it escape from what it really is. I’m sure some of my Mondays would like to be a Tuesday and run for it, so I have to pull it back . Mondays for me are good days; a new week ahead. Sunday night usually does my head in, so to speak, due the possibility of it being another Monday and another week but then as one woman said to me, “I had to rain him in !” - lol

So you have a good Tuesday and I’ll have a good Monday

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Thank You mrbup its a good day so for me it has become an honorary Tuesday. Yes as you describe it Fatigue and I give it a capital ‘F’ is all encompassing and even opening ones eyes or turning over in bed is such an effort. Yes the Tuesday thing can get confusing and at my age it dont take a lot to confuse me and I am ofter heard saying to Heather “What day is it?”

Pat thats why I write this stuff to hopefully put a smile on a face or two, it makes me smile. The serious stuff I put on my other blogs

Michelle that was a special day and there have been thousands in Forty years of marriage but that day was special

Nina MS cant take my memories its taken lots else but I will always remember the good times


Just added a video of Karen Carpenters song


Lovely blog Don…as always. I am going to remember about Tuesdays.

Karen Carpenters voice was so beautiful.

Pam x


Pam I love her voice now but forty years ago Heather had one cassette of the Carpenters and as soon as she got in the car it went on and I hated it

Nothing like a bit of Jim Morrison or the Stones or Clapton but I have mellowed over the years.

XX Don


Good blog Don-you always get me thinking.

I was always a Thursday man; it was the day before Friday, The NME came out, The man from uncle was on, Monty Python was on, and I could go out until late because you could always power through Fridays at work-extensive time span here!

Funny, although I can’t match your memory, when I get drenched on the scooter it takes me back to the brave days of cycling. Fortunately these days the wonderful Jo helps me into my dry clothes.

Songs with Tuesday: (worth you tube time). Ruby Tuesday-The Stones. Tuesday’s Gone-Lynryd Skynyrd. Sweet Tuesday Morning-Badfinger.

Best wishes, Steve.


Thursdays… Man From Uncle AND Top of the Pops!!!

Stephen Fry tweeted this morning that he can’t believe it’s Friday because yesterday didn’t feel like Thursday. Got me thinking how each day does have it’s own unique feeling.

Even when not working they still have their own special feeling. Weird that.

Pat xx


Yep but on the other hand Saturday tomorrow and it doesn’t feel like Saturday and its not here yet if you know what I mean.


Pat xx


Beautiful blog Don, what a happy memory.

ann x