The Miseries

Boy have I got a dose of the miseries today. Really didn’t want to get out of bed today. Finally dragged my body out of there at mid-day and was all tearful for no good reason. There’s a storm blowing outside so I have absolutely NO inclination to go outdoors, not that I want to. I have no energy what-so-ever and my legs feel like lead. My right arm aches and I’m just off to take a couple of Paracetamol.

I had my Plegridy injection about 10pm last night, so I’m putting my mood/feeling down to the side affects of that. He doesn’t know it yet but hubby is cooking sausages and eggs for tea tonight as I seriousley don’t have the energy to make a cup of tea!

Sorry this is just a whiney post folks. Sat here on my own and got the blues I guess. Don’t like being like this… What do you all do when you feel low?

Awww Poppy. It’s so horrible when you feel like that. I think we all get days like this. Taking beta-interferon isn’t a great help either.

There are some days when you just have to let yourself be a bit pathetic and allow a few moans and groans out.

(The weather is no help either - it’s truly vile here, so glad I’m staying in!)

Do you have any chocolate? Or biscuits? Or even a cup of hot chocolate? Or whatever else makes you feel a bit indulged? A film you can put on the box, or a good book you can wallow in? Comfy warm clothes and socks. Put the heating on (if it’s not already). Do you have a friend you can phone or text (or a Mum, husband, sister etc).

Don’t try telling yourself to snap out of it. You are allowed to have a crappy day and to feel blue. Maybe tomorrow you’ll feel better. And you probably will if you let yourself just be low today.

Sue x

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Thanks Sue. Already hit the chocolate(!), sat watching the open fire. Think I’ll put “A Place in The Sun” on the tv. I can dream of what I’ll do with my winnings when I win the Lottery. Waiting for hubby to come home from his own hospital appointment. Willing him to hurry home safely as it really is very scary out there, with storm force winds and reports of trees down. We live in a very exposed rural area.

You’re right about allowing myself to wallow in a crappy day though. I’m sure I’ll be brighter tomorrow. :slight_smile: x

Hi Pops!

Best place is indoors, warm and cosy today. Sounds like Barney has hit your area…nowt here as yet…West Yorkshire.

Been for my fortnightly massage…oh it really bucks me up.

Sausage and eggs sounds good to me!

Duvet days are just fine when we need them.


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Hiya Poll. Yep, Barney is raging here, in fact he’s positively wild!

Fascinationg and scary at the same time, watching the glass in my windows bowing a little and the trees and gorse bushes in the distance bending at 45 degree angles. At one with nature and all that!!

You just reminded my, I have been offered a course of 8 massage by the MS Ireland group. I have the number on my calender. Now is a perfect time to book an appointment! Thanks for that! :slight_smile:

See Pops, coming on here does have it`s benefits!

Get those massages booked!


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tis the time of year.

we’re meant to get snow (slush) in the city this week!

whether it does or not, it is still proper gloomy, wet, cold and windy out.

funny how the doldrums come right on the heels of the autumnal clock change…

Yep, I think you’re right Paolo. I loathe winter and it’s greyness. It has no redeeming features at all, in my opinion. I like the brightness and twinkle of the christmas decorations though. I’m a summer creature, designed for blue skies and sunshine!:slight_smile: