The long wait

I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem…

I know for any ESA appeals are slow but I feel this is taking the mick now…

I posted mine March 2012

heard back from the gov Sept 2012 and said they will arrange an appointment when ready.

Still waiting!

Over a years’ wait is ridiculous. I suspect your papers are lost. I hope you kept copies of everything.

What is your benefit situation while you are waiting?

The answer to that will determine how vigorously you want to chase this up. If you are still being paid then sleeping dogs come to mind but if you are on a reduced interim benefit then you really need to get your appeal sorted. I would visit my local MP to get the ball rolling.


I`m with Jane. If you are still on the same amount of money, then let sleeping dogs lie, eh? It does sound like your appeal forms have been lost.

My bro in law had an interview with ATOS about 3 months ago and he was told he would hear the result in a fortnight. He`s heard nothing, but is still getting the same Incapacity amount, so isnt chasing it up.

It`s the sort of thing I would worry about.


Well I call them every month and they tell me that my appeal should be next, then nothing! this has been going on since May 13 that the chase has been on.