the long and winding road

Hi all. Thankyou so much, to all who replied to my post how long?

I see there are several of us who are so weary from treading this endless road to diagnosis.

What can we do? Chuff all, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, it definitely feels endless at times doesn’t,t it? Like you say there’s nowt we can do, keep smiling I suppose but that’s not always easy on the tough days when frustration sets in. Hopefully we,ll get there in the end, I don,t hold out much hope tho’ : ) Marie

Hi Poll

In my experience (and I have some, lol) it’s the old adage - ‘he who shouts loudest gets!’.

I make sure that whenever I’m referred to some specialist I ask for their secretary’s phone number. Then I wait a couple of weeks and then phone. If they sense that you could be a dog with a bone i.e. you won’t give up and leave them alone, then you get to hear pretty quickly!

The same with your gp as to if you’ve been referred yet. If you don’t hear anything from the hospital, phone the gp’s receptionist.

In other words, nag (nicely of course)! It’s far more difficult to put people off who are nice :wink:

I hope that helps…

Good luck.