The like button is back and a bit more.


The like button is back.

After writing about 1973, I put one together about 1984, an entirely different year. It’s main connection to MS is showing how different my responsibilities and priorities have changed. I’m sure I’d have kept that little rebellious, devil may care streak if it weren’t for the beast.

Best wishes, Steve


Hi Steve

Really enjoy your blogs, thanks. You have some wonderful friends Steve and fantastic memories to draw on. Breaking down on the motorway always sent the fear of God into me, speeding cars and always feeling so alone in the back of beyond, so one of my luxuries was to be a member of the AA.

I remember the first time I followed my team to Wembley (the old one) my eyes were frantically going from one sight to another, I had never been in such a big ground, and the noise was deafening…but fantastic.

So glad the ‘like’ button has returned…thank you to the computer bods that made it happen.

Lovely day here today.

Pam X

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