The Lead hand side

The Left is useless today. It’s been like dragging around dead weight. Putting extra strain on the Right side. The good side. And the next person who asks what’s wrong with my leg. Will hear nothing & I’ll count how long it takes for them, for the penny to drop.

I fear even mentioning MS these days. I get a barrage of ailments & useless information.

It always ends up, being about money. Every single time.

I’m off to make a brew.

Terrying in circles.

Ah, the lead hand side useless lump of screaming bone, hair and tissue.

Just for fun, it ranges from ice-cold in Alex to lying vanquished, rolling in the fiery gulf.

Yes, I too have a useless left. All my left arm and hand can do is be hefted onto a lump of meat so I can cut it into tiny pieces; the meat, that is.

The last time I went swimming my left leg refused to function-played merry hell with my rudder system.

I can’t tie ties, (Who on earth would want to wear a tie anyway?) do shoelaces or crochet a pink flowery blanket.

“Have you got a sore knee?”


“Then why are you limping?”

“Ursine Spongiform Encephalopathy.”

Let them eat fake.

Rock on Tez

My big toe has sprouted out my left shoe. I drag the foot so often, it’s worn a hole in my new trainers. My left leg is like a led weight. I should weigh it in as scrap metal. Apparently there is silver in lead. Hence why they keep stealing it off roofs. Nobody wants to steal my left leg though. Maybe I should paint it silver. Terry, the scrap metal merchant.

Still adding Iodine to water & even managed to carry my brothers coffin today. Use it or lose it folks. Keep active & keep that circulation working. My brother died on Christmas Eve after serving 30 years in the British army, working at the hospital for 14 years & 2 months before his retirement. His wife of 42 years found him dead on the kitchen floor. He had a heart attack, after a brisk walk with his dog. Sods law…


Hi Terry

I am so sorry for your loss and send my condolences to all your family.

Pam x

My sincere condolences Terry I also lost my brother last year.

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Thanks folks. We all have burdens the trolls will never understand. The good thing is, it teaches us how to pick ourselves up & really live. Even with genuine problems, we defy the norm.

Richest man in the graveyard, is an awesome title for a book.

Look at my flash car & expensive house is a cry for help.

It’s a double egg on toast, with brown sauce day today.

Terry I’m sorry about your brother, my Dad died last year and I’m constantly reminded of him. We are never going to forget those we love , one day we will be reunited with them and until then we have to do our best to carry on and and help those who are left behind. Well done for carrying his coffin . Love and hugs Michelle and Frazer

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Hi Terry I am so sorry to hear your sad news. Thinking of you. Take care. Sue

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Sorry to hear about your brother Terry. I lost my Aunt 6 months ago, she was like a mum to me and I still keep wanting to phone her many Sunday nights as was our usual routine. It’s a horrible thing to happen, hope you’re okay.