The last of the blackberries

Well Autumn is definitely apon us. The air has a chill in it and the leaves have started falling and the morning dew lights up all of the spiders webs . This is my favourite season . I was born in autumn, On October the 21st I’m 52 and on October the 20th I married Lee 33 years ago this year. Today me and Frazer went out to collect the last few blackberries, We are lucky and our garden backs onto a small park which is very old fashioned, hardly any equipment but is surrounded with blackberry bushes. I am so pleased because I managed to go with my rollator, it has a seat I haven’t used it in a long time . And now I’ve just made a blackberry and Apple crumble, with Apple’s from our very own apple tree. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Hi Michelle,

Thank you for sharing this journey out,lovely. And enjoy the apple and blackberry crumble.


Boojum xxx

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Hi Michelle

Yes they are coming to an end now, Autumn is beginning to happen, such a pretty time of year though, I enjoy seeing all the different colour leaves on the trees.

Enjoy your crumble, love it with custard. Well done you for doing it with your walker, and Happy birthday and Anniversary in October.

Pam x

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Hello Michelle.

For some reason I missed out on the blackberries this year. I once made apple and blackberry crumble from the ones I’d picked in a local woods and the apples from next door’s tree. Some of the branches reached over into my garden.

Steve x woof

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I used to be an avid forager but to be honest haven’t had time this year but I must say I used to turn all my bounty into blackberry vodka and sloe gin !