The health roller-coaster

Hello good people.

I cannot complain but I seem to have developed some extra health issues. At least I know the right guys are on the case. Here’s a very brief (yes it’s only 250 words) summary.


I don’t understand medical word either but complex and urgent sound a bit scary , whatever hurdles you have to climb over Steve you will give it your all, you are full of courage and always achieve so much . Sending a big Hug Michelle and Frazer xx


(((((hugs))))) I hope are they going to put this all into words you will be able to understand very soon.

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Hi. I got a copy of a letter a while ago with loads of medical jargon I didn’t understand. I had to google most of to see what it meant.

Hi Steve

I don’t understand any medical jargon hope they explain it clearly for you soon, but one thing I can do is to send you a big hug ((((hugs))))

Thinking of you.

Pam x

Steve, not understanding a word either!!

I can however understand that you are overwhelmed and perhaps nervous.

So. Sending some Northern grit to help prop you up. Added to that. Lots of big hugs.

Your friends on her are right behind you.

Anne xx

Your friends on here!!!


Hi Steve I am so sorry to hear you are still having such a tough time. Hoping 2020 will be a kinder year to you. Lots of hugs. Sue xx

Wow Steve.

I do have a medical background although over the last few years I think dementia is taking over as my brain works nothing like it used to. In other words all I can offer is hugs too as your description has left me confused. I’m sorry to hear you’re having more problems, there’s something about ms as my hospital file has exploded with new issues over the last few years and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Fingers and toes crossed by me for you too hoping it’s nothing serious. We’re all here for you.

Cath x