the green eyed monster?

Also… As much as I hate hypocrisy, I’ve learnt over the years that calling someone a hypocrite during arguments only makes them dig their heels in more. Try to have the conversation about the unequal views without calling her a hypocrite, you will have much better results if during a calm and loving conversation, she comes to that realisation herself.

Hi, thanks for responding. I’ve never watched Strictly but I’ve heard of the Strictly curse from newspapers. I think it’s a good analogy. Obviously dancing is a much more intimate and intense activity but hillwalking in beautiful places with beautiful views and weather, sunsets, wildlife encounters, rainbows, stars etc can also be very intimate. We had many, many very romantic moments on our travels, before kids and M.S hahaha. You’re absolutely right about name-calling during arguments too. We’ve dug our heels in and are doing the thing where both people continue as normal, the issue has been dealt with, nothing more to say, but underneath we’re both still in the huff, hahaha, it’s so childish and I know I’ll have to let it go first because she’s more determined than me.