The Great Debate on TV

Just wondering if anyone watched it and your views about it. Not in relation to any political party, but if any candidate got the message about the current state re the NHS and the way they promised to approach it.


Eiona :slight_smile:

I tried to watch it but it was too processed - pre-prepared statements with a random selection of who would talk next. It’s a two party choice, Labour are the only one who could help in my mind (as damaged as it may be). That they are now aping the right means they aren’t going to help as much as they should.

I thought the women were particularly impressive, but then again, I know little about Welsh & Scottish issues, so difficult to challenge them on their policies. In terms of the NHS, there is only one party that is capable of saving our greatest national achievement and that’s the one that created it.

Sadly, the numbers involved made it impossible to press home an attack on Dave and his policy of financial Darwinism, which is exactly the way he planned it with the broadcasters.


I suppose we are lucky in Scotland in that we have an alternative and she came across pretty well last night. Bit concerned later on when in Question Time all the parties were predicting Armageddon if the SNP have any influence in Westminster. These were the same parties who only 6 months ago fell over each other to tell us we were part of a family and that our opinions and influence counted. Now, when they actually may count, there is a collective clapping of arses and we are seen as a threat. No longer viewed as a valued member of a cosy family. It’s strange but I don’t seem to remember there existing the same threat to democracy when, over the last few Parliaments, Scotland rarely got the government they voted for.

yes, I watched it. It hasn’t changed anything for me. Have always been on the left and will stay there.

Thanks all for your comments.

My own thoughts are this:-

I agree with Walking barefoot to the extent that much of it was stage managed. Milliband in particular looked as if he’d been given the words to say and taught how to say them.

Like Whammel I think the women were impressive especially the Scots and Welsh. I’m no fan of Plaid Cymru despite speaking the lingo and living in a Welsh community but I was most impressed by Leanne Wood because she didn’t half cut to the quick and packed in a few punches. And yes, Wales has its own issues to contend with not only in the NHS but across Education and provision of services across the board.

I agree with gingerlil wholeheartedly which leads me to wonder was it worth it. I don’t think it achieved much of anything with regards the current state of the NHS, however, yes I think it was worh it because it got people talking , people who may not usually take an interest in politics. I also hope it raised awareness that the NHS is in a bad way.

Here’s a short quote from the fifth chapter, In Place of Fear, of Nye Bevan’s book of essays, published in 1952

“Preventable pain is a blot on any society. Much sickness and often permanent disability arise from failure to take early action, and this in its turn is due to high costs and the fear of the effects of heavy bills on the family.”

My greatest wish or dream would be for someone in Westminster to kind of magic us back to that very principle but feel we may as well go whistle down the wind.

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Ah yes, Nye Bevan was a true hero and todays politicians are tiny by comparison. He also had a nice line in quotes.


Why couldn’t I find that one when I first looked ? Nail on head :wink:

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Sometimes it only takes a few words to say so much.


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well my decision is based on lifelong beliefs and a very strong wish to get rid of this bunch of tory T**ts!

labour all the way

carole xx


Me too Carole.

Shazzie xx

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as for the televised debates - pah!

seemed like we were in the US!

they’ll be having trials on telly next.

it doesn’t matter to me what a politician looks like but what he/she says and does.

come on uk public, surely you know what a state the nhs is in.

you might not be ill at the moment but what makes you think you won’t be ill tomorrow?

you might not have financial problems right now but you could have tomorrow.

anyway what about caring for other human beings?