The General Election

I am a staunch socialist and always have voted Labour. Perhaps someone could explain to me this so called ‘Mansion Tax’ that would supposedly pay into the NHS.

Brilliant I don’t think; as then they add a explication that if you can’t afford it when you sell the house you pay the tax? Surely everyone will say they can’t afford the tax so how will that help the NHS or are they going to means test everyone?

Get your act together Miliband and Balls bring in the Robin Hood Tax; make the banks who caused the financial problems get us out of the problems. Look at the Bill Nye (Bankers) video


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sorry as an old socialite myself, i just can’t compute having the words Labour and Mansion.

it’s the tories who have mansions so yea let’s tax them!

keep the red flag flying!

thanks george, i’ve signed (and enjoyed the 2 bill nye clips).


bill nighy even…


Watched the two videos and signed

Luckily I am Scottish so don’t have to choose between tweedledee and tweedledum.

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David Cameron Has Just Announced the conservatives campaign song for the Election is

Spencer Davis Group- Keep On Running.


Its just another tax to hit the people who work hard in this country.

Its a property tax, probably anyone living in a home over 1million will be taxed and this will go to the NHS…yeh right.

So all those hard working people in London who scrimp and scrape whether they be in the labour party/cons/or who ever, will have to pay more bang for the buck. Because for example living in London who dont have to be rich to pay a high mortgage just a very hard working family.

Its typical of socialists to always hit the people who work hard to pay for everyone else and that is a fact.

The hard workers in this country already pay high tax.

It doesnt pay in this country to actually work. My husband has worked since he was 15, he is 67 we cant get any extra help as we have 20.00 TOO much in our pensions as he has a small Industrial injury pension from an accident at work. IF neither of us worked all our lives we could claim pension credits, housing benefits you name it the lot. It doesnt pay to work. Between us we have worked 82 years and just about coping on our two pensions, which has gone up again this year.

I used to always vote labour years ago but i dont now.

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apologies for repeating myself from a similar thread, but i really don’t know who to vote for- i will vote as people lost their lives to get us the opportunity to do so, but am really tempted just to spoil my ballot paper (as spoilt ballot are counted, and perhaps indicative of discontent with the electoral choice) rather than be forced to make a choice.

i have voted mostly labour in the past but haven’t any faith in them since the illegal war in iraq and their gradual morphing into the tories. i can’t bring myself to vote liberal after the tuition fees lie and clegg’s lickspittle toadying towards cameron. the greens appear to have no policies, or at least don’t know them. and i’d sooner perform my own castration with a rusty blunt cleaver than vote ukip.

pity lord sutch died- with hindsight he seems to have the most credibility…

Just to let you know that MS Society has a campaign going at the moment where they want each member to stand up to at the door and be counted. Don’t slam the door in the local candidates face. Tell them how you feel and what they are willing to do about issue affecting you.


Sorry about spelling mistakes PC going crazy at the moment.


Can’t see the difference between labour and tory and labour, where has milliband Ben the last 4 years they have been no opposition to the tory at all , remember it was under blair and browns watch the country failed so is it same az.

I would like to see a government do something for the NHS pensioners people who are disadvantaged etc and lose the need for food banks etc but not these they have both proved they can’t do it

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Well i am a disabled pensioner, and so is my husband and we worked all our lives. We have our own home paid for, food in the cupboards, we are warm and pay our bills. My husband smokes and drinks, we dont have any debts.

I dont know…what to say really.

I had a funny turn with my MS last Monday and i see the Neurologist on Thursday 26th for urgent consultation. My husband has a carrier bag of drugs every month to keep him alive, free and paid for.

My sister had at 66 a mammogram 2 Octobers ago, they found calcium deposits within 1 month she had her breast removed, and the surgeon used special technology to make a breast. She had to have tests in September after a year and sadly they found cancer in the other breast, she had her breast removed within 2 weeks…and is now well on the mend with loads of support.

She is back at work again already, she chooses to work as she likes working.

My mum is 92 and lives on her home she lives a good life.

Both my daughters manage one is a signal mum with 2 kids with ADHD. She gets DLA for both children, she has a council house and has no debts.

My other daughter is married, her partner is off with severe RA at moment so only one pay coming in, but she gets tax credits and other things and is coping ok, and they live ok and have a horse…which they have to pay for.

OK there is crap out there, yes mistakes have been made, but just when the country is getting back on its feet, we go and change it all again. I think the term should be longer personally.

I worry that if the government is changed, we will have so many promises non of them will be kept…

When you really think about it, just how bad is this country as so many people want to come and live here lol…maybe if people had to go and live elsewhere like i have, they might just see how good this country has been even when its deemed bad lol.

I actually love this country its been ok for me in the years i have lived here even with trials and tribulations. I have been through the worse of the Labour and the worse of the conservatives, and survived lol…