The flu. Advice?

Hi all. So am pretty sure I have the flu. Just went on nhs choices site and it said people with neurological conditions should go to their gp to get anti virals. Anyone any experience with this? Is it worth it? Have peoples GPs been helpful and given them treatment? My fear is dragging myself out of the house only to have my GP tell me to ‘wait it out’. Then I would be anrgry and dreadfully ill. Advice?


Sadly it may be too late for you but I think most G.P’s will give the flu vaccine if you are dx because we generally get it worse.

Obviously if you have the flu then I don’t know if they can help



I was automatically offered a flu jab this year through my GP which I had, I figured that having it was better than getting flu which would probably knock me out for ages. I’m not so sure it would work though if you already have it. Do you have a MS Nurse? They may be able to advise better. Ruth

You should be entitled to the flu jab due to having a long term condition. However having it now will not make any difference to you having flu and they would be unlikely to give it whilst you have flu. I know last year I had a cough, cold and slight temperature and they would not give it x

I had flu jab a few weeks ago. For last 4 days I have had temp sore throat and headaches. Strange. I am having to wait it out. True, you should be offered the flu jab automatically. Flag it up with your surgery for future reference but you have a right to be concerned and no harm would come from GP appointment except when you have flu you don’t want to go anywhere do anything! R

Probably best tough out, I’m afraid, now that the horse has bolted. No point exposing yourself to the next wave of germs in the waiting room! Get well soon. Alison

Flu jab aside, I was given anti-virals (think it was tamiflu from memory) when I was one of the lucky people to contract swine flu. I have to be honest, I didn;t think there was anything you could be given for the flu so I was pretty shocked when I read the enclosed leaflet! I think it’s a pretty well kept secret and I guess we need to try to fight it off.

So on that basis, yes, speak to your GP :wink:

Good luck

Sonia x

I would certainly ring to discuss it, before showing up in person. I’m not sure GP surgeries routinely hold stocks of anti-virals, unless there is a threatened epidemic of a particularly virulent strain, such as the swine flu’ mentioned.

Not much point hauling yourself to the doctor’s, only to be told: “Well you could, but we haven’t got any anyway…”