The financial mine field.

If a so called friend, asks for a favour. Tell them to get lost!

A few years ago. A guy I know, turned up on my door step, after he knew I was recently diagnosed with PPMS.

He was in tears, saying his beloved car needed a new engine & he needed help. I could hardly stand & he kept demanding. Giving me all the hardships under the sun. I’ll lose my job & all that crap. He knew I was his only option.

Silly me, organised everything. I told him to leave the car & collect it in a few weeks. BIG MISTAKE!!!

He turned up to collect the car, after I told him, I’d arranged everything & it was done. He was delighted, able to go to work, live his life & pretend to be a real man. Little did I know, the friendship we had for 30+ years meant nothing. The huge cost to me, was totally ignored. All I heard then, were excuses. My partner is being tested for cancer, her kids all need clothes, we need a holiday from all the stresses of life & so forth.

Did I see him again & the money I loaned. NO!

Not only that, he disowned everyone in his life, that was linked to me. Now that is the level that humanity will stoop.

Since being diagnosed with PPMS, nearly everyone I have known, has become the same. Hence my constant ranting & descriptions of leaches & vultures.

The people I know, know I’m NOT full of crap like most.

I do stuff & organise my life, adjusting to the circumstance I am forced into.

It seems others are not so able & talk a lot of shit & they get believed.

The truth is, you can only truly trust one person, when you have problems & that’s yourself.

Anyone who reads this & knows me. Get lost! I’m sick of scroungers, free loaders & all the other mental excuses.

I’ll deal with all my problems myself, because I can.


Your`e obviously well off.

It was your choice to help out that person.

End of.


I’m NOT well off.

So the obvious answer is, some folks are just scroungers & members of the Facebook lynch mob mentality.

Being organised & knowing how to do stuff. Isn’t an excuse for the brain dead idiots of this world to take advantage. Not my problem any more. Those who need financial help, will avoid me in the future. It will be only advice, from here on in. It just shows what type of people, having a genuine medical condition attracts.

Some people care, if they get paid to. Genuine folks do it for free.

Scroungers want to claim they care, as an excuse, to make out they are helpful & not dim.

They are just manipulative users & now I’m wiser.

If a friend of 30+ years can do such a thing. I’m highlighting the problem, so others don’t fall for the fake sob story’s.

Look after yourselves folks. I need to change my hoody & get some new trainers, with gel insoles.

Now that’s the real end.

Hi Terry, I know from your previous posts, that you have had a lot of problems with people ripping you off and it must have hurt you deeply.

I feel very upset if a good friend, who I have helped, does the dirty on me.

Luckily I havent been ripped off in the way you have.

But there are still a lot of great people out there and I hope you meet some of them.

I`d hate to think I could never trust anyone.

You need to be more careful about who you trust .


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Cheers Poll & I agree. Knowing someone for 30+ years, with a key to your home isn’t someone to trust.

Especially if their partner is claiming to have cancer & there’s nothing wrong with her.

I trust folks, but having a genuine health problem, creates a target, for the low lives & there’s plenty about.

I was 10x better off, before my diagnosis. Everything is about finances & fakery, for some folks.

The so called tough guys, don’t even have the bottle to do things face to face. Back stabbing cowards!

I’ve just had Oatcakes for my breakfast, so everything is fine. I can sleep at night & day, in peace. Scum bags!


Bollox to them Puddle, some people have no concept of being ‘human’ remember though, lots do. You’ve had your share of d***heads, but please, don’t build a wall that’s too high, otherwise the genuine ones wont be able to climb it either Tracey xx

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Well Terry, I can understand you being p*ssed off about this. Nobody likes being ripped off. It makes them look foolish and nobody likes that. However, life is like that. We live and learn.

Most people learn about trust, borrowing and friendship in the playground…you know, when you lend dinner money to someone and they never give it back. When you lend a favorite book to someone and never see it again. When you share with your friend, your inner most thoughts and find they’ve been spread around for everyone to know! You feel you’ve been taken for a fool! Gullible. Naive.

Anger is an understandable emotion. An expected one. But one must learn to let it go. If you hold on to it, it’s like holding a burning ember. It’s going to keep burning your skin, hurting you, until you put it down. Bitterness and cynicism aren’t pretty and keep genuine, nice people away. And remember, depression is anger turned inwards.

Go to a park or a garden if you can Terry. Smell the roses. If you don’t have a garden, plant a tub! In my time I’ve found It’s very hard to be angry or depressed when my hands are in the soil.


Maybe, I’ve been a fool, trusting a so called friend. Who’s partner is so mentally unstable, she tells everyone she’s got cancer, to get sympathy. When there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her. Just plain & simple greed issues. So she spreads rumours I’m faking my condition. So her new partner, can get out of paying me back. He’s black, I’m white & the racist card comes out. It’s all a sick joke. Then she tells everyone, I’m a racist & feeds her bullshit to the Muslim community. Just because my recently retired doctor is Pakistani & he wrongly diagnosed me with a headache. Then a Russian neurologist, diagnosed PPMS. It’s not me with the mental problem, but they are trying to cause one. To cover up their scrounging, filthy lies.

Assumption is the claim, of the dim wits.

I’ve just had Broccoli & Stilton soup. I’m jamming on my music equipment & thinking of going for a drive. I couldn’t care less, what folks think right now. The mental winning idiots have got what they wanted. What they always want. Money & things of value. So they can pretend they’re all that. When in reality, they are all very fake.

Maybe I should compose something moody & carve a walking stick of violence. Cook up an omelette with broken glass & plant a palm tree in mud. What a load of Sandra Buttocks. Miss behaving cons.

They should all be given free houses, in an expensive area & high paid jobs, to suite their agenda.

The beginning…


Hi Terry

I feel your pain and disappointment in so called friends taking the mickey, but in my opinion (for what that’s worth) is you need to let this go and get on with your life, as holding on to so much anger drags you down into a low mood, not them.

As we all have found out, stress really escalates ms symptoms, and is the last thing any of us needs, so learn from it, put it to bed, and show them you are the bigger person.

Good luck

Pam x


I’ve got on with it for years, but they still keep begging for more. I blank them & I’m selfish. They target anyone I meet & spread their lies to ruin friendships. They apparently say BMW’s are black mans cars.

VW, Mercs, Toyota, Audi & Honda are for the Taxi drivers.

So I brought a Nissan Micra.

I apparently make black music on my Japanese sound equipment.

What the hell ethnic race has to do with anything I don’t know. Perhaps it’s because they feel like thieves, so they have to prove they are. Whatever cap fits.

Watching a great film on my 40" black TV, is that racist too.

I’m going to dye my hair blond & date a black women, just to fit in. Idiots!

Anything to distract me from the truth.

White man Terry ​ Black man Terry, owes me money.

Hello Terry,

I don’t know your circumstances, where you live or who you socialise with, but I really think you need help to move on from all of this drama. If not for your own sake then for family and friends around you.

It sounds to me as though you are really depressed ( I know how that feels) please get help before you bring those around you down and lose all contact with people you have left. I know it’s hard when you’re in a dark place but only you can make the first move.

With my very best wishes, hoping you find the strength to make your life better!

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