the diving bell and the butterfly (not ms but could be)


i recently was recommended to read this book-havent as yet cos i still cant hold a book but i did get the dvd. i know its an old story (97) but just wondered if anyone had read it?

the dvd certainly helped me to get a few things straight in my head. its no-where near what this guy went thru but i certainly could understand where he was coming from due to recent events in my life. that is why i believe so strongly re separating the body (carcass) and mind in the game of life/ms.

if you think its a load of rubbish-fair enough but i wish for every single one of us that we find our own way of coping…

ellie x

Hi Ellie

I saw it at the cinema when it came out. I thought it was excellent, both in terms of his own story, and the way they imagined it on the big screen. I’ve not read it though, so it would be interesting to compare it.

I think there’s something to be said for separating the mind & body somehow. We can get a lot of our identity from our bodies, and what our bodies allow us to do, so inevitably it can hit us hard when we lose those things. I expect that’s part of what the cliche of the midlife crisis is about - starting to realise that our bodies aren’t what they once were, and are starting to not be everything that we’ve been used to all our lives. So I think it’s important to look at how we see ourselves, and what we get our identity from.



l love reading - hate to be without a book. A friend gave me a Kobo ereader for xmas. l find it much easier to read and just give it a tap to turn the page forward or backwards. You can adjust the size of the text as well. l still like to read ‘the real thing’ something about books that l love handling. Also, l like ‘talking books’ - find they are a good help if l can’t get to sleep - especially if l play them on my lap-top as it tells you what chapter you are on so you can pick up where you left off.

Shall certainly look for Diving Bell and the Butterfly.


hi dan and frances

thanks both for replying-i am smiling cos u2 were on my list of’ folk who wouldl hopefully reply’

francis-i got a kindle for christmas but am still doing target practise to hit the button to turn the page over! i will get there-son has got 4 books for me to tackle when i can.

dan-the bit where they shut his bad eye left me speechless. as did the bits where he was ‘saying’ no but they went ahead and did anyway…

ellie x

Yeah, that opening scene was shocking, very powerful. I recently saw Rust & Bone at the cinema, another (very good) French film where a central character has a majoy disability, and there’s a similar waking-up-in-hospital scene that almost made me feel like I’d been winded.

I loved the book & the film.

Both very moving and inspiring. Very useful attitude to life when you have any disability… although of course hardly anyone is as disabled as that poor man was… BUT he still made the most of his life!

Pat x

hi pat

reminded me how lucky i am-the body is well goosed but my mind is strong and i hope that it may long continue…

ellie x