The daily strategies.


Do you ever wish things could be a bit more spontaneous? Or do we begin to relish what comfort we can glean from knowing what we will do? Is the only uncertainty the daily nature of our condition?

Please feel free to read some of my thoughts on this.

Best wishes, Steve

Hi, there are days when I’m glad I don’t have to venture out to work, when I see awful weather, or hear people complaining about their work stresses.

It’s very hard to make spontaneous decisions regarding going out. My outings are usually planned on a weekly basis.

Going out takes a lot of planning, for things like…

Should I take a movical that morning? Have I been? Will I need to go?

Is the venue I want to go to accessible for my wheelchair?

Is it easy to park outside the door, or as close as possible?

Will there be pavements with dropped curve?

Does the venue have suitable loos?

Then there’s my kit bag! I need to ensure I have emptied my spc bag, filled my water bottle up, got my emptying bottle.

Other things come to mind, but I’ve listed enough!


Poll, you have summed it up all so succinctly.

As Don says, maybe we should whisper and not tell our Ms that we are going out. As long as you are well equipped can we just cock a snook at the beast?

Best wishes, Steve x