The contraceptive pill

Is it safe taking the Pill constantly without a seven-day break to avoid periods?

This isn’t medical advice, but in theory, yes! I think, when the pill was designed, the seven-day break was for “cosmetic” reasons, not medical ones - the idea that women wouldn’t feel properly feminine without a monthly bleed! I often take a couple of courses back-to-back without a break, if I want to avoid the bleed falling at an inconvenient time - a holiday, or other special occasion. I probably wouldn’t take them continuously without a break EVER - but then again, I’m 47, and have had occasional problems with my blood-pressure being borderline for staying on. So I think my body needs the odd break. A friend of mine is very severely affected by MS and - sorry if this is too graphic - unable to deal with the monthly mess herself. Pretty sure she is on the pill permanently, so as not to cause an unpleasant and embarrassing problem for both herself and carers. I am not at that stage, so although I wouldn’t miss the monthlies at all if I never had any more, I’m not yet unable to cope with them. God willing, if I ever get to that stage, they will have stopped by themselves anyway - only another few years now. Tina

No its not safe taking the pill constantly. But don’t take my word check with your gp. The Contraceptive pill contains hormones…your gp of nurse will explain why your meant to have that break. If your going on holiday for a week or two then it would be fine to give it a miss. All the best to you.

What I meant to say in that last sentence, is its ok if your going on holiday for a week or two to continue taking the pill in order to miss a period…just not all the time. I was just about to go to bed when I wrote the above lol.