The build up

Hello good people.

In a sort of backward thinking way, may I present the build-up to my recent hospital holiday?

I’d actually forgot about writing it but here goes if you wish to read it:


It’s a good (as usual), entertaining bit of reading Steve. You have to leave your pride, embarrassment and dignity at home when dealing with ones rear end. And by now I’m sure all of these are long gone.

I’m hoping you’re recovering well now you’ve been at home a little while.

Keep saying to yourself, ‘There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home!’ (I’m not expecting you to click your heels together, whilst wearing ruby slippers, Dorothy style.)


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Steve Steve Steve. How I’d LOVE to meet you in person. You seem like an amazing guy. :slight_smile:

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Another great read, for the humour, not what you had to go thru.

I remember them pointing to the screen so I could watch my colonoscopy - me, with my hands clenched to my eyes “no, I’m gonna lay here and imagine this is not happening to me” - luckily the drugs worked very well for me, as the next thing I knew I was being wheeled to recovery.

Dignity really does go out the window when it comes to things like this. I’m glad you can still laugh about it.

Sonia x

Hi Steve

Interesting read, glad that part is in the past for you, and everything is crossed for the next part, hopefully it will go smoother.

I must say MS is a complete b*****d takes all your dignity away, even knowing the medics are used to it, doesn’t seem to help the person having these things done.

Have a lovely peaceful and healthy Christmas and New Year Steve.

Pam x