the board seems a bit quiet

Hello Carers and anyone else who is reading this.

I just thought it seemed a bit quiet here, so just checking in to say hi and hope you lovely carers are coping.

Your work may not always seem appreciated, but it is by your`s truly.

luv Pollx

Bless Ya

Hi, I posted this way back in Feb…but if it is gonna bring you help, then it is good to know it was worth posting.

I see Polar bear has offered you some really good advice. i think the same…your parents and brother need educating.

A common problem with MS is that it is so very often hidden.

If your hubby was in a wheelchair, as i am, then no-one would call him lazy or pretending to be ill.

Chronic conditions take a hell of a lot to live with. No-one knows till they`ve been there, or share a life with someone who has it.

It saddens me to think you may have to choose between your family and your hubby…lets hope it doesnt come to that.

Bless you hun. hang on in there yeh? Oh and does your hubby have an MS nurse to talk to? Maybe there is something else he can do or try to ease things.

luv Pollx