Thanks Rizzo

Hi Rizzo- just wanted to say thanks for the work letter-samples

my customers have been brilliant and ive only got a few things to finish off now before i finish.

Hoping once ive finished the panic attacks will stop although i suspect they may get worse before they get better- as its my inability to just be me that has me freaked out. Also got breast clinic appointment next Tuesday so its going to be a long week

you helped make a rubbish week much easier

and i really appreciate your help



You are very welcome! And thanks for saying thanks

Good luck with the appointment, and I hope life gets much easier when the work pressure is off.

Karen x

Hi BC Good Luck with your appointment at the breast clinic. You will feel such a relief when it is over. As I said in your other post I suffer from cyclical breast pain related to hormones. This is treated by evening primrose oil soft gels and helps quite a lot. I also had to have a mammogram to check for nasties but it was fine - just found harmless cysts. I hope it goes well - try not to worry, easily said but not done I know. Fingers crossed for you. Teresa xx

A lot of us have reason to be grateful to Karen.

She must put in hours trying to help people.

Good Luck at the breast clinic bc

Hello BC,

I’ll ditto everything everyone else has said and with lots of luck in the clinic tomorrow.

Janet x

…and let’s not forget the hours she must put in counterng some of the nonsense that people post on here

Hope the appointment at the clinic goes well, barnabycrumble.

All the best at the clinic and coping with life changes…if you need a coffee and a chat in your( I assume still dream) summerhouse,you know where I am.

I find myself there most days,and have made great friends with the hounds.

Take care Pip