Thank the Lord for family!!!!

Morning Everyone!! As some of you may know I was diagnosed earlier this week with a relatively rare condition, Scleroderma. Last night I was “wailing” about it to my beloved cousin, (who is a brilliant nurse!!),to which she listened intently & never changed her expression when suddenly she looked at me smiled & replied " Listen Trace, youve been shaking hands with reaper most of your life & he aint taken you yet, what makes this any different? & as for a “wierd” illness what do you expect? Your one of the Adams family, since when have they been normal!!!" Do you know what we burst out laughing & my poor husband just agreed & shook his head!!! Feeling so much better about things & everything she said so, onwards & upwards!!! Wishing you all a good a day as possible, Tracey xx


ur post made me smile-i hope that was ur intention!!

i love the honest approach! often to the extent that others havent a clue what i am on about! however,those that really know and understand my coping mechanisms do ‘get it’.

go girl,in which ever way u so choose

ellie x