Tests at the Royal Hospital for Neurology

Hi everyone

Thank you to those of you who helped support me through a particularly difficult patch when I joined the forum about 6 weeks ago. I was waiting for tests at the Royal Hospital for Neurology. Great news! I have my date, and I go in on Tuesday for about a week of tests. They are going all out - central nervous system, autonomic, peripheral - you name it they are testing it. I’m not looking forward to some of the tests - tilt table, sweating test - but I know that at least I will have more info at the ned than at the beginning. Quite looking forward to the MRI though - I find them curiously relaxing!!

Thanks to the helpful advice I am going armed with questions about erythromelalgia and whether this is a result of damage to my nervous system caused by MS.

Hopefully at the end of it I might even get some answers and a diagnosis.

Wishing everyone well,



That’s great news Mandy

I’ll be very interested to hear all about it - please give us an update afterwards?

Good luck!

Karen x

Hi Mandy,

I don’t think I’d joined the forum last time you was on. I would be very interested to hear your results as erythromelalgia was one of the things they said I could have.

Is the Royal the one in Bath or is it London?

Good luck.