test avatar


Meh - nope!


Yes I got mine as well




Mr Mouse

Anonymouse, Great to see youlove the avatar

happy2 waheeeeeyyyyy!! mine working too...........  lol...... good to see we got this option to use our own, interesting to see others choices too....


 best wishes Sarah XXthumbsup

Hey Mr. Mouse so COOL to see you on here. Are you here to stay or are you still lurking in the old boarded up site? (is anyone still there?)

Pat x ps love the avatar…

Yes it is offensive.

If you find something to be offensive report it using the option at the top right of the post.





Hmmm  testing mine too!  Seeing as I get double vision I have an eye patch.  Who else is a great eye patch user?  Danger Mouse!


Eye patches are cool!




just wanted to say hello hello

I think mine is still working or it was 2 days ago! Hope you can see it, it is my tat I had done in Jan!

Greetings from deepest Lincolnshire. We are responsible for the majority of Brussels Sprouts sold in the UK!