Temporary prisms

Hi Had a temp prizm fitted to left eye on glasses today ( 10 wks double vision ) Has helped but when I take glasses off vision is worse than before today. Anybody had any experience ? Will it effect my eyes getting better by themselfs ? Optimolagist said there had been an emprovment today Thanks

Husband has prisms, temporary for 6 months or so while vision monitored. Eventually he was issued with a prescription for lenses that incorporated them. His vision is better with the prisms but did not improved by itself. Not sure how they would affect a recovery. It could be that your vision feels worse as your eyes have adjusted to using them?? He has really had to accept that his vision will not get any better. That is not to say that yours will respond in the same way, he is mid-60s. Perhaps you could discuss with your MS nurse and certainly with the opthamologist.Best wishes

Thanks only been 10 weeks but constantly imagine the worst Thank you again Graham

Wore a temp prism for 8 months. Eyesight been normal for a year now so 10 wks not so long. Vision always felt worse with glasses off right up til about 2 wks before eyes returned to normal. Hope yours recover fully soon. Have hope.