Temperature and the workplace

Hi all,

I’m looking for some advice on temperature and MS (in the workplace).

Over the past few years the hot weather during summer has caused debilitating flare ups of my symptoms. This combined with other factors has led to me being signed off work for the past few summers.

I therefore have an absence ‘trigger’ of sickness which ‘forms a pattern’ i.e. if I am absent in July/August again this year I will be in the proverbial.

An Occupational Health doctor has asked that I provide specific temperatures at which I am affected so he can write a report to allow me to work from home during these periods.

I am struggling to answer this as I don’t carry a thermometer around with me. It’s always been during periods of heat when others are also struggling e.g. in 2019 my colleague and I were stuck on London Transport during the July peak of 38 degrees.

Please help!!

I’m not sure how helpful this suggestion is, but have you tried working next to a fan if this is possible? I normally have to so this in the summer as it’s the only way for me to retain most of my capacities!

Unless of course you’re able to work from home at all during this virus?

For me personally I’d say temperatures over 32 degrees start causing problems, at a guess!