Tecifedera and slimming world

Hi, am starting Tecifereda in fornite,know recommended to take tabs with a fatty snack, what do u take if you want to avoid fat or are doing slimming world,

Many thanks, Rose

you are allowed bacon with slimming world,maybe bacon or bacon and egg,i eat lots of bacon and egg and am loosing weight nicely.

J x

was on Tec /aspirin trail+ can’t handle fatty foods, mainly vegetarian, no problem with Tecfidera, no weight gain :slight_smile:

Why not classify the fatty snack as part of your medicine rather than as ‘food’ in its own right? So you avoid the dispiriting feeling of having messed up your diet plans for the day. It doesn’t have to either/or.

Good luck with the Tecfidera.


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I do not know where the advice specifying the need for fatty food comes from, but i can state without doubt, and from personal experience, IT IS BOGUS.

My first dose (i.e. at breakfast) is taken with six slices of jammed toast. Not even butter or margarine is added.

Even smaller, is my evening dose, taken immediately before bedtime, taken with zero food.

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Hiya I’ve never heard of it. Some mornings I don’t even have brake fast and take them I knw thts not the advice hut it’s fine. I get odd flashing but it’s all good