Hi, I start tecfidera on monday,the information pack says take low dose for 7 days then go onto higher dose.

The tablets came saturday and only have 4 weeks of low dose.

Is this correct or should I ring the drug company ?.


Please see my answer to your question in the Tech and spots thread

Hi I started tec last week . Don’t know what area you come under but I was told they have increased it from one week to four on the low dose .


Thanks Linda,have contacted my MS nurse to give me a ring and comfirm one way or the other.I am in Norwich,Norfolk.


Hi I come under addenbrookes in Cambridge so might be the same.

good luck with it all x

My MS nurse rang and you are right Linda,they now do 4 weeks on the low so you can adjust to any side effects.

Fingers crossed won`t get any.


when switching from low dose to high, you can simply take double the number of (120mg) capsules

Hey Jamie, Good to reed yew anuther Norfolk bor…Andy

Hi Jamie

Glad you got it sorted


Thanks for all your comments and advice.