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I wondered whether anyone could tell me what a ‘tecfidera screening’ involves? I received a letter, saying that I would have this done soon, I have read a couple of things online about it but I wondered if anyone has first hand experience and also any thoughts on the actual medication would be appreciated.



hi emily

the screening means establishing a base line of your lymphocyte levels.

you will have 3 monthly blood tests to keep an eye on these.

the golden rule is to eat before taking tecfidera to avoid the side effects (queasy tum, flushing).

i found it helped to eat before and after the dose : cereal - tec - toast.

it is well worth persevering even if the side effects are rough because they settle down completely after a couple of months.

carole x

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Hi Carole,

Thanks for the information. I also read you need to have had a recent MRI within 3 months of starting Tec, is that what you had ?



it is normal for lymphocyte levels to lower when on tecfidera.

the blood tests and monitoring are to make sure they don’t drop too low.

i have not a chuffing clue what a lymphocyte is!

anyway i have an army of experts checking them