Tecfidera making psosoris worse.

Hello you lovely people. So I started on Tecfidera almost 3 weeks ago, experienced usual side effects, upset tummy, flushing which I was expecting and wasn’t too bad but my worse side effect has been that my psosoris has gone worse which surprised me as I read Tecfidera is also used to treat psosoris. So my question is, anyone else experience this or can think why a drug suppressing your immune system would aggravate psosoris which is caused by an overactive immune system? X

Hi Vincent

I have been taking Tecfidera for over 8 years and all was fine.

following my last relapse I have developed psoriasis.

It can be unsightly but I never expected it to be painful until I woke up one morning thinking that my skin hurts!

I hadn’t linked psoriasis with tecfidera.

tell me why (I don’t like Mondays) tell me why (I don’t like Mondays) - Bob Geldof please don’t sue me for copyright reasons.

I have accepted that I have progressed (but haven’t been told) that I’m now SP.

In short I can’t answer your question as to why.

I only recently found out that one auto immune condition can lead to another - pooh!

Take care

Carole x

Hi Carole, I think I’m just going to take it in my stride, I’ve had it pretty bad since 16, got worse when I had my daughter and just got worse over the years and I guess I was half hoping it would ease when I started tecfidera, but to quote another song, courtesy of Oasis…you gotta roll with it…maybe a good outlook to hold onto! Take care x

ah yes Roll with it!

The one thing I have learned is that the human body is incredible.

another I have learned is the Central Nervous System does its own thing without allowing any options.

(PS having a good swear at it makes no difference because it just doesnt care)