Tecfidera and emotions/mood swings

I have been on Tecfidera for 4/5 years now with limited trouble. In the last year I have had emotional issues where I got upset very easily or very snappy and agitated/angry over not very much. I saw a psychologist for this and things seemed to be better. However in March I got Covid-19 (fairly mildly all things considering) but I stopped my Tecfidera for 3 months on advice from my nurse and those 3 months were bliss. I felt happier, more content, less emotional and certainly less snappy and agitated.

I have been back on the meds now for 3 weeks or so and I wish I wasn’t. I have snapped and got angry over not much and my wife hates to be around me sometimes. It seems too coincidental not to be the meds that’s causing my mood swings.

Has anyone one else noticed mood swings and getting over emotional whilst on Tecfidera?


i’ve been on tecfidera for about 5 years.

it hasn’t affected my moods.

just about everything else does though.

maybe we are all on the verge of exploding with rage.

congratulations on getting through having Covid-19, what a warrior!

I have taken tecfidera for three years now I looked something up and I self diagnosed myself with emotional lability! I cry when I get hurt a small amount and I get extra emotional for no apparent reason- It’s more sensitive emotions for me than mood swings but maybe you are right? For yourself it would be a big coincidence, maybe there is something that should be on the side effects list

Hi Douglas,

I started Tec around 6-7 months ago and came off of it after 4 months after tiredness, lethargy and feeling generally down in the dumps. Like you, after ceasing it I felt more like my normal self. Even more so now that I am on LDN. Although this can cause insomnia to me on the odd occassion when I have got my timing wrong on taking it, I feel more assertive.