Tecfidera and contraception (ladies)

Hi ladies, I was wondering what contraception fellow Tecfidera users are on? Is the barrier method guidance still up to date? Thanks Katy

Hi Katy

I am no longer on Tecfidera as swapped due to the flushing but I combined it with the Mirena Coil - which in my opinion is the best thing since Cadbury chocolate and that is high praise indeed from me! Kiss goodbye to those little monthly annoyances (no visits from that fairy) and yet easy to get back into your cycle should you wish to … perfect in my opinion but its about “horses for courses” isn’t it.


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Hi Sal Thanks for your advice. I’m freaking out of thinking someone would put a coil up there…heard it can be painful? What meds are you on now? I’ve been on Tecfidera for 4 years now but due to two new lesions my neurologist pushes for a change… not so keen myself cause Tec and I are best pals haha and I’m still a very mild case 15 years on. Katy

Hi Katy,

it doesn’t hurt I promise if it did the worlds biggest wuss (me) would not be on her 4th I can assure you, and even those who say it’s like period cramps would still be getting a good deal for 10 mins of discomfort in exchange for 5 years (yes you read that right) of no monthlies.

I’m now on Mavenclad which for me is early days given you only have 2 doses then nothing for a year (whoopeee) so guess we have to wait and see how that works out. So far so good though

Anonymous, if you’ve ever used tampons then you should not be freaking out about something being inserted "in there ". I’m assuming you’ve had a smear/pap test done at some stage too. Ask to see it,if it might reassure you, so you know exactly what is happening. If properly inserted it won’t be uncomfortable.

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Yes plenty of smears but apart from babies I haven’t had anything hanging out in my uterus :wink: Mavenclad was offered to me too… haven’t said yes yet. A bit scary when I feel so well. Plus cold sores as side effects!!!

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You had babies and worrying about this!! Not even comparable to one of those lovely “examinations” on the pain / embarrassment scale. (Try and keep it nice in case the boys pop by for a read don’t wanna scare em!)

As for Mavenclad I can 100% truthfully say no cold sores, I felt 100% like I had been hit by a bus in day 3 of 1st cycle but was that MS or the tablets who knows? So far the worst bit has definitely been reading the booklet and scaring myself half to death about what might happen and what side effects could pop up oh and the head, neck and thoracic MRI my lovely neurologist made me have before starting it! … I hate MRI’s not just a bit, like actually loathe them and tolerate them because I have too :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yes, I have two kids. You’re right, I’ve endured labour and had two lumbar punctures… I should be able to deal with a coil… there’s always the worry of side effects, it’s never easy. I was always told hormonal contraception is a no-no with Tecfidera and to know learn from you and my ms nurse that it’s ok, feels good. I’m terrified of accidentally falling pregnant on Tecfidera. Not because of the baby itself but because of the uncertainty of the effect the drugs could have on a fetus. I don’t mind MRIs anymore. If you try to not think, I always find them quite soothing. Used to hate them, too but it’s ok now.

Oh and how did you decide to get mirena over e.g an implant?

Because I’m a coward and no one is implanting anything in my arms! That and it was after the birth of our 3rd child and we wanted an effective method but one that was easy to reverse if I had a lobotomy and opted for 4 :slight_smile:

Haha, yes, it sounds scary but at least you’re numb when they insert it :slight_smile:

There’s always the contraceptive patch… ;)) Painless surely