Tecfidera and bruising


I wondered if anyone has experienced bruising easily and then them lasting for a few more days than normal, while taking Tec? My lymphocyte count was 0.6 last blood test and I’m wondering if it has something to do with that.

Looking forward to hearing your experiences


Hi Nicky

I don’t know whether the bruising is related to low lymphocytes, but have your neuro / nursing team not flagged up your low lymphocytes and questioned whether you should stay on the 'Tec?

I had low lymphocytes on Tecfidera and stopped taking it a year ago. However, I’ve always been an easy bruiser so couldn’t tell you if the two things were connected.

How long have your lymphocytes been low? Have you been liaising with the nursing staff about maybe monthly testing your blood with a view to checking your lymphocytes level and stopping the 'Tec if your lymphocytes don’t recover to normal levels, i.e. above 1.0?


Hi Nicky

im on Tec and have been on it for 31/2 months I’ve not noticed any more bruising but my skin at times definitely feels bruised at times, my lymphocytes are ok at the moment.

Ann x

Hi Nicky. I’m on Tec too. I suppose I bruise fairly easily but then I do have a tendency to bump into things! Half the time I don’t notice I have them and can’t remember how I got them.

Had a big bruise a few weeks ago on upper abdomen. My osteopath noticed it whilst treating me but I had no idea where it came from.


Thanks Sue, I’ve had low lymphocytes for only the last blood test, but am due for the next bloods in a couple of weeks. I’m going to call my MS nurse this week and have a quick chat with her, she very good and I have complete confidence in her, so not overly worried just yet. I don’t normally bruise this easily so interested to see if anyone else had a similar experience.

hope you’re well, are you taking DMF at the moment?

Take care


Hi Ann I hope your counts stay high and that you’re well



Hi, I appreciate that this is an old post but I wondered if anything came if your initial question?

I don’t have that but my problem I get easily irritated by mosquito bites. So, annnoying!