tata buggy

Hi gang!

Just met Tilly 2 (Lynne) and her husband, oh and Henry their Shitzu! Lucy and him sniffed each other`s noses, but we decided to keep them apart…for safety reasons. Honestly these little dogs imagine they are rotweillers!

Anyway Lynne and Hubby are lovely people and came all the way from Merseyside for my scooter. I gave her lots of orders about safety and stuff. She was so excited to be getting a new set of wheels, bless her!

The buggy has given me years of pleasure and we did some miles together. All our grandchildren have ridden in the foot well. I remember one year, when it was World Cup, me and Oscar were trundling into town, singing Footballs coming home…`, with flags around the handlebars. Good memories!

It`s good to know my buggy has a new home and isnt destined for the scrap heap just yet a while.

luv Pollxx

Your buggy will be well appreciated and you have given Lynne a new lease of life! It’s really kind of you, just think of all the good memories you have collected over the miles… luv Linda x

Awww Poll you are such a nice person. What a kind thing to do. I bet it was lovely to meet Lynne and her hubby.

All those lovely memories you have. I bet your grandchildren enjoyed it too!!

Shazzie xx

Hey guys, my new wheels are home. I will love and look after him/her…( Not decided the sex yet ) Very well, as poll did.Can’t wait to get out on it Poll and her hubby were absolutely lovely. Thanks poll and Graham Lynn xxx Oh an Henry sends a kiss x to his new lady friend

Hi all, ah Lynn, Im glad you all home safe and raring to go on tbike. Its odd, because I usually name things that help me, yet I always referred to the jalopy as me bike. It never got a gender, so Lynn you can call him/her whatever you like.

Didn`t tell you that I bought it in Cheltenham when we used to spend weeks at a time on a campsite, next door to Slimbridge Wetlands Reserve, Glos. I visisted the place several times, on me bike, feeding the swans, moorhens and Hawaiian geese.

Now go steady Lynn and remember what I told you about looking for dropped kerbs to safely cross a road. Have fun!

luv Pollxx

Its nice to see you back on Poll - hope you are feeling better today

JellyBellyKelly x

Ta kell.

feeling better today hun.