Talking sense...

I have been away on holiday for a week, hence the silence (huh! you thought I’d gone for good) lots of interesting questions/ requests for advice and I often think (yes, I do) that someone should be talking sense and it’s Snow Leopard! Disappointed this witter is not ‘talking sense’ well a big welcome to all the newbies and occasionally I too talk sense but not too often. Take care guys, be safe M

Hi M Hope you had a lovely time. You’re right …what would we do without our very own Snow Leopard! Wish I was that wise !! Take care of yourself, Nina x

Hi M

Hope you had a lovely relaxing break, and I so agree with

your comments about Pat, always has wise words of advice.

Pam x

I agree too M. Always glad to speak to Pat, she helps to keep me going! Hope you enjoyed your time away! Teresa xx

Awwww shucks guys…

Thank you.

Pat xxx

No s

I was going to say no smileys and guess what I got a smiley…are there more?M x

I am beside my self with joy, I’m going to send 2 0r maybe 3I’m not sure all our gang will realise the source of my excitement? It’s lovely to be back M x

M you’ve got your smileys back… fab!!!

Pat x

Hurrah - your smileys are back M! Teresa xx

Thought I had mine back too, but from the empty post above it seems not! :-(( Nina x

What would we do without Snow Leopard and Boudicca? Always on hand to offer good advice and support us all. Their positivity and support is amazing. Will miss Polly while she is in hospital.

Yeyyyy mine work too !

My posts disappear into the mods approval line when I add smileys and sometimes don’t reappear, so here goes nothing and just for good measure…

Ha, just tried a post with smileys and it’s gone for moderators approval… we’ll see if that comes back anytime soon!

Sonia x

Woo hoo, that was like magic, it appeared with the 2nd post!

How much fun is nonsense? I think I must be on somethingDamn, I promised I’d ‘talk sense’- I didn’t say when New paragraph if I could I was at a family ‘do’ and a relative (in-law) who always moans about her aches and pains - endlessly, sat down next to me (too close for comfort) and said ‘tell me about your pain’? I hope I’m usually polite BUT I changed the subject and moved away! I think it’s probably only here that I feel able IF required to say how much the disease sucks? As usually guys M