Taking the PIP again

The first part of today’s You and Yours looked at the PIP assessments based on data extracted from the DWP, after a member of the public had to request it through the Information Commissioner. The DWP did not wish to release it as it was deemed commercially sensitive.

As Winifred Robinson summed up; the data provides flesh for what we already know; many PIP assessments are substandard. Tellingly, an internal review by both ATOS and Capita considered that about 30% of their own assessments were not good enough.

Frank Field summed up the whole assessment from the applicant’s point of view rather well. He would not have wanted his own mother to have suffered the ignominy of a PIP application.

The sheer level of incompetence is quite breathtaking and makes me wonder how bad the assessments need to get, before being taken back in house. Not that I ever I expect this inhumane Tory Government to do the right thing. Thanks for the link.

There is little room for optimism. Incompetence combined with a Secretary of State who has shown little warmth for the plight of disabled people. Saint Esther she certainly is not.

Thanks for the link Alun. Having been ATOSed myself - a PPMSer who had previously been entitled to PIP had it stopped at the next assessment … although my disability had progressed (name on the tin should’ve given ATOS a clue!!) The worst part of the second assessment was that there was an assessor assessing the assessor - so a double whammy of incompetence!

Thankfully it got reinstated after requesting reconsideration …